Passive Income: The Gateway of Effortless Remuneration


What if you could earn money whenever you wanted, from wherever you were, even while you slept? Sounds uncanny, doesn’t it? 

Okay, imagine this; You are on vacation to your dream destination. You visit the state’s most stunning shores, picturesque areas, and several cultural sites without stressing about anything in the world. Typically, when you return, your financial account will suffer greatly. But what if we told you that even after such extravagant holidays, your financial condition may actually become better?

We know it seems too wonderful to be true. No matter how ridiculous you may have perceived the idea mentioned above to be, affiliate marketing makes it feasible. Affiliate marketers promote the goods or services of other companies in exchange for a commission based on the volume of sales they generate. Affiliate marketing, if done right, can give you a consistent flow of passive income. Numerous online websites consider affiliate marketing the ideal and easiest way to earn money. 

But what is “Passive Income”?

Finding a technique to generate passive income is one of the most remarkable ways to consistently generate extra cash without investing a lot of your time, regardless of whether you have a solid 9 to 5 job, work as a freelancer or operate your own business. You can continue to make more money through passive income or increase your income without working more. Rental revenue from the property you own is an example of passive income. While it initially requires time and works to set up, you may ostensibly generate money from it with minimal effort.  

One way to get a passive income is through affiliate marketing, which is also one of the simplest forms to start off. You effectively sign up to be able to get a commission when you recommend to others a brand’s goods or services when you decide to become a referral for them. Similar to a commission-based salesman, except that you often aren’t bound by any form of agreement or commitment. When you recommend customers using your “affiliate link,” which keeps track of your sales credits, you are easily compensated with a profit share.

But how is affiliate marketing beneficial?

If you refer someone to utilise our services, and if they sign up for Loanwolf after hearing about us from you and become your recommended user, they remain associated with your account. Forever. You can view such information on your account once the user begins their journey with Lonewolf. Loanwolf will pay you a percentage of its sales as soon as your referred customer starts using its services! The number of customers you can refer to and the amount of money you’ll get paid for doing so are unlimited, and that’s exactly what affiliate marketing does. You can earn a modest sales commission by advertising other people’s items through affiliate marketing. Many websites you browse would have headlines labelled “affiliate link” or “sponsored post.” The affiliate looks for a product they are interested in, promotes it, and receives a revenue cut from each transaction. Through affiliate connections from one website to another, the sales are monitored.

But how do I refer and start earning?

You must register for a free account with us to be eligible to refer and earn. In contrast to other investment firms in India, creating an account is quick and easy. You will become a client of ours after your account is established.

Simply provide your friends’ contact information to refer them to us. They will be directed to a link wherein they have to mention basic person details and loan requirements. After that, it is our duty to get in touch with them and carefully assist them in beginning their journey with us. After joining us as clients, they will always be listed under you as references. 

Your contacts will use our trading platforms after signing up as clients. For every transaction, we get paid a fee. It truly is up to your contacts how much they exchange. Unlike other investment firms in India, we do not compel our clients to trade orders to increase our profits. The client has total discretion at Loanwolf, and our price structure is open. 

But how can I maximise the referrals?

One of the many ways to get as many referrals as possible is by making people aware. You can mention Loanwolf in your discussions and casual conversations; you can post about it on your social media pages and groups or over an email you could send to everyone on your contact list. You can also talk about Loanwolf on your personal websites, blogs, review posts, videos, news sites, etc. 

But how is Loanwolf’s Referral program different?

Investment and trade should be easy and accessible for everyone, regardless of experience and qualifications. Loanwolf was invented as a mission to revolutionise investment in India after experiencing the negligence of Indian stockbrokers. As an entirely self-funded business, we work around the clock to give you the most incredible and dependable investing and lending experience possible. 

Your one-time effort to reward the referrers will result in a lifetime of passive revenue for you. We think that we could continue growing and learning together using this paradigm. We anticipate receiving your consistent business.

But how do I estimate my Referral Earnings?

In order to estimate your passive earnings, you can make use of our referral revenue estimator. It’s a simple tool that you can use for free on our website. Calculate the average number of transactions per person by entering the number of successful referrals. You can gain a comprehensive estimate of the passive income prospects through us, albeit this may differ from the actual revenues from our refer and earn programme.